Coolbellup_CS_-215The Physical Education Program aims to engage students with regular physical activity, in order to create habits that will provide life-long benefits for a healthy life style. Through activities such as fitness sessions, sports skill development and games, yoga, the Physical Education Program at Coolbellup allows students to improve their motor skills, eye-hand coordination, self confidence and social skills.

During Sport and Sports Carnivals, students can be challenged in school and inter-school competitions in order to improve themselves as individuals and also co-operating together with their peers. We participate in carnivals along with other Cockburn District schools, giving students the chance to excel, represent Coolbellup CS and socialise within the community.

We have great emphasis on sportsmanship and showing respect to everyone involved in every activity. Students are encouraged to always try their best as a way of personal growth.

Ultimately, Physical Education in Coolbellup CS is a mean for students to become happier, more capable and responsible individuals.Coolbellup_CS_-226