Languages – Indonesian


Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you for your support throughout 2016 to assist our friends at our sister school in Bali. Throughout 2016, together we have successfully raised a total of $1220.67 for SD2 Liligundi, our Bali sister school. These funds have been transferred to SD2 through Adopt a School, the not for profit organisation through which we are partnered up with SD2. The school will be using these funds to establish an after school Homework Club to assist students with their homework and assignments. They will also be investing in textbooks and work books as well as participating in a few Art and Poetry writing/recital competitions. The funds that we have raised for them will go a long way in assisting our friends at SD2 Liligundi.

Our upcoming Indonesian assembly and whole school fundraiser will be held on Wednesday, 18 October 2017 (Week 2, Term 4), please remember that we can assist so many underprivileged children with just one gold coin!

The Adopt a School organisation website can be found at

Staff and students SD2 Liligundi Jan 2015 (2)                   Prize winning artwork SD2 Liligundi (2)

The staff at students at SD2 Liligundi & award winning artwork created by students of SD2


Perkenalan (Introduction)
‘Selamat Datang ke pelajaran Bahasa Indonesia di Sekolah Coolbellup Community. Kami belajar dalam kamar LA13 di ruangan atas sekolah. Saya amat gembira mengajar anak-anak kamu di kelas Bahasa Indonesia.’
Translation: Welcome to Languages (formerly Languages other than English) at Coolbellup Community School. I look forward to a productive and exciting year ahead with your children in our Indonesian language class.
The Languages program at Coolbellup Community School incorporates a range of instructional activities including many hands on tasks and educational games. The range of activities in the Indonesian language classroom will include speaking, listening, writing and reading as effective methods of new language learning.
I cater for individual needs and learning styles using differentiated lessons and instructions. All lessons that your child with be involved with will be linked to the other learning areas such as Art, Health, Mathematics, Literacy, History, Geography and real world application.

We have a sister school program, through the Adopt A School Organization. SD2 Liligundi (Sekolah Dasar 2 Liligundi – Primary School no. 2 Liligundi) is our Bali sister school. Located in Buleleng, a small province in the north of the island of Bali, this school is home to 60 students and 8 staff members. We at Coolbellup Community School hold a fundraiser each term, with all proceeds going to Adopt A School to assist SD2 Liligundi reach their learning goals and objectives. If you would like to be involved with helping less privileged children to further their learning, please contact me at the details below.Thank you for your ongoing support.

Contact with the Languages Teacher

I am available on two days a week should you wish to meet me. Please either contact the school on 9337 3268 and leave a message or come have a chat with me to arrange a time.

The times I am available are:

Tuesday 8.30am – 8.45am, 3.10pm onwards

Wednesday 8.30am – 8.45am, 3.10pm onwards

You can also contact me via email at:

Learn Indonesian at home!
Here are some websites that are interactive and fun that you and your child can easily access! Also, learn about Indonesian culture and traditions together at home.

Terima Kasih (Thank you),
Christiana Bain
Languages Specialist Teacher