Visual arts – 2013









In 2013, the Visual Arts program has involved all students from pre-primary to Year 7.  Students from the Learning Centre participate in an integrated program whenever it meets their individual needs.


Our focus for this year has been ‘Our Coolbellup Culture.’ We have looked at the different nationalities represented in our school and how we can celebrate our similarities and differences. We have looked at the work of Indigenous artists Sally Morgan and Mark Norval and have completed individual work based on their designs.


A highlight thiIMG_6586s year has been the completion of a six metre Rainbow Serpent that takes pride of place above our school canteen. Many students combined their talents to complete the project as part of our Aboriginal Partnership progam. Students and members of the community placed their handprint on the spine of the serpent in recognition of the agreement.


Selected students have also completed art work that will be used on food trollies in the new Fiona Stanley Hospital that is currently under construction. The images of the work will be screened onto aluminum composite for the construction of the trollies. It is exciting to see that our student’s work will be displayed in a public forum.


While we strive to give opportunities to individual students, the Art room is primary a place where all students are able to be creative and inventive. We foster RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, SAFETY and RESILIENCE so that the best environment in which to learn is provided. Self reflection and positive interaction is encouraged so that each child can celebrate their individuality.

Felicity Palmiero

Visual Arts