Breakfast club

Breakfast Club runs every morning from 8:15am.

Breakfast Club is for all students, it’s fun and it’s free.

Breakfast Club is a welcoming environment for students to start the day in a social and healthy way.

We offer tasty breakfast options such as fresh fruit, Weetbix, Milo, and a warm slice of toast.

Breakfast Club is sponsored through FoodBank and donations. It is run by volunteers from our wonderful community.

                                                        Important Information

Breakfast Club will be open from 8:15am on Monday to Friday in the Food Technology Room. We encourage all students to be in the classrooms on time, therefore Breakfast Club will close at 8:35am sharp. Breakfast Club is in need of donations of Milo, margarine, long life milk, sliced ham and grated/ shredded cheese. We greatly appreciate all donations that we receive. Pop on in and say hello to our hard working volunteer team. Please drop off donations to the Food Technology Room between 8:15 and 8:35am or to the office.

Due to budget changes this year, Coolbellup Community School cannot provide emergency lunches to your child/ren. If your child has no lunch we will be calling the parents/cares to notify them.
Please speak to the Chaplain, Mr T or approach the front office if you are experiencing hardship and to make arrangements for assistance.