Thank you for your interest in applying to enrol your child in a Western Australian public school.

Enrolment in a public school is a two step process. Parents first lodge an Application for Enrolment (attached) with the school. If your child is eligible for enrolment, you will be provided with Parent information about enrolment and an Enrolment Form (Part B).

The form is to be completed in English. If you need help including translation services, please ask the school staff about available assistance.

The school will notify you of the results of your application as soon as possible. The information you have provided will be used by the school once eligibility is confirmed.

Documentary evidence, including court orders relating to your child, may be required to support information supplied. Principals may consult with the Regional Education Office where sufficient evidence may not have been supplied.

It is highly recommended not to purchase items such as uniforms until you receive confirmation of enrolment.

The Department’s Enrolment Policy can be found at http://www.det.wa.edu.au/policies.